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: Nov 22, 2022 07:00 AM

: Dec 04, 2022 07:00 PM

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Ephemera collections from 3 sources. (1) Post cards from a Senior downsizing his Zanesville home. (2) Items from a Historian's Estate associated with multiple organizations in-and-around Licking County. (3) A collector of children's books living near New Albany. 

Due to the natural difficulty of viewing photographic  negatives, we do not specify that the prints in any certain lot are neccesarily from the negatives in that lot. 

These are Estate items. To the best of my ability these items have been lotted in similar order as they were stored and or found on packing day. 

I knew the owner/historian/collector, I was witness to his sorting/storing practices and tried to maintain his organization. 

If a 'lot' is described as being from a Granville Ohio family, it dosnt guarantee that other photos have not gotten into that same lot, but some of the photos will be from the area stated (if any).

There will be another portion of photos, negatives and ephemera offered at online auction in January. Qualified ephemeral consignments are considered. Text or call Kevin Burchett Auctioneer 614-866-8668.

Columbus Online Auctions warehouse  at 7488 E Main St in Reynoldsburg Ohio 43068. 


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BRING WITH YOU: Please bring packing material and boxes that you may need. Please bring assistance to move heavy items to your vehicle and any tools for dismantling.

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LOSS OF BIDDING PRIVILEGES: If you have failed to pay for an item, or failed to timely pick-up items, your bidding privileges have been revoked. If acceptable to Gary Grizzle, your privileges may be restored by, (1) paying for the item or repaying for the loss of revenue due to the items not having been sold AND (2) placing a credit card number on permanent file whereby future purchases will automatically be charged.

BREAD BOX DEFINITION AND FEES: A fee of $5 Dollars can be assessed to your invoice for each 'Bread Box' sized item or group of items that may be brought back to our warehouse in Reynoldsburg Ohio. This fee is estimated by the size of the old standard of measure, a 'bread box'. Larger items are impossible, but if it will fit into a 'bread box or smaller, or at least in a front seat of a car (multiple bread box's,) we can bring it back with us (pick-up by appointment). The size/cost estimate is in the opinion of the Auction Manager. The actual size of a bread Box is 16" x 10" x 7", but it is up to our opinion to gauge the size of your purchase. Examples; (How many 'bread boxes' is a large lamp?) maybe two ($10). A watch, a purse, 3 rings, 3 fishing lures and a contractors hard hat? All together, its only one breadbox ($5). If we agree to transport a slightly larger item, the fee would be multiplied by how many bread boxes would fit into that item (or vise-verse).

This auction has an 11% Buyers Premium.

The photos are an important part of the item  descriptions. 

AUCTION STARTS ENDING: Sunday Dec 4th at 8pm (Eastern Time). Selling two (2) items in the first second of every 1 minute. Alot of people don't read that line and loose out on winning the items they want. 

AUCTION PICK-UP: Monday, Dec 5th 2pm - 5pm. At 7488 E Main St Reynoldsburg. Pay by credit card or phone during the 'pick up' and take up to 7 days to pick up by appointment. Call 614-832-7308 to pay/ make appointment. 


LICENSED AUCTIONEER: Kevin Burchett, (text for the fastest response please) 614-866-8668.

SALES TAX: Will be collected.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: CASH is preferred or CREDIT CARDS with a 3.5% user fee added. NO CHECKS.


'EXTENDED ITEMS': Bids received in the final 5 minutes of that items 'countdown clock'  will "extend" that items ending by 5 minutes. Other items will continue to end (or extend). This can go on for a long time. OTHER ITEMS CONTINUE ENDING AS SCHEDULED.