Online Auction Begins Ending Wednesday, May 31st at 8:00pm. Pickup Thursday, June 1st, in Reynoldsburg 43068. Auction Written by Gary Grizzle Auctioneer, Licensed and Bonded in the State of Ohio.
Online Auction by Gary Grizzle, Auctioneer
Starts :  May 24, 2023 08:00 AM CST
Ends: May 31, 2023 07:00 PM CST

100 Items
Item # Description
Item - 1 Puzzle Games

Two wooden puzzles, Small booklet of trick problems and a box of Optical Puzzles.

Item - 2 Misc. Collectibles

Two hand painted floral design handkerchiefs, Porcelain picture frame and a matching cup & saucer.

Item - 3 Baskets

Vintage woven wicker handbag and a small basket.

Item - 4 Misc. Collectibles

Gold plated 24 karat picture frame, Boyd's stuffed mouse and a three piece 1993 Wedgwood child's China set called Peter Rabbit.

Item - 5 Sewing Cabinet

Two drawer side sewing table with a pull out tray from the top drawer. Measures 18x14x26.5 inches tall.

Item - 6 Silver Plated

Silver over copper pitcher, silverplated bowl and spoons.

Item - 7 Lauri Fit-A-Space

Box of round foam pattern cut out puzzles.

Item - 8 Vintage Records

Five record set of the Best of Broadway and a Bob Hope Album missing two records.

Item - 9 Desk Lamp

Vintage desk lamp standing 13,5 inches tall.

Item - 10 33rpm records

La Sonriete box full of 33rpm records with some artists like the Ink Spots, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan and the Ronettes.

Item - 11 Cross Stitch Art

Vintage framed Faith, Hope and Charity cross stitch and a serving tray with a floral cross stitch under glass. Frame measures 26x13.5 inches tall.

Item - 12 Coat Rack

Wall mount wrought iron five hook coat rack.

Item - 13 Antique Clock

Antique Seth Thomas, Plymouth Hollow, Conn. clock Circa. 1813 - 1853. Clock has both counter weights, pendulum and key but does not work.

Item - 14 1977 Book

Clock Identification and Price Guide from 1977.

Item - 15 Antique Cabinet

Antique country kitchen cabinet with 2 drawers and 2 doors. Measures

Item - 16 Oval Frame

Antique oval bubble glass frame with a child print. Measures 16X21.5 long.

Item - 17 Wooden Stool

Antique Hand stitched padded wooden stool measuring 18x13x16 inches tall.

Item - 18 Red & White Afghan

Hand made red and white striped Afghan measuring approx. 80x48 inches.

Item - 19 Wine Bottle Light

Clear glass wine bottle inserted with a string of lights in working condition.

Item - 20 33rpm records

Josh box full of 33rpm records with some artists and Soundtracks like Bill Black, John Denver, Telstar and Elvis.

Item - 21 Mixing Tray

Vintage wooden and metal concrete mixing tray.

Item - 22 Vest

Hand crochet vest, 18 inches long 15 inches across in the shoulders.

Item - 23 Silhouette Art

Two small silhouette prints on a young boy and girl and a larger framed silhouette called Sunday Morning.

Item - 24 Mantle Clock

Small Hamilton mantle clock 11.5x6.5x13.5 inches tall. Gift for retirement of 25 years of service in 1982.

Item - 25 Wall mirror

Wooden framed wall mirror with a small catchall shelf. Measures 14x4x19 inches tall.

Item - 26 Tin Powder Containers

Two vintage powder tins, Rawleighs Foot Powder tin and Lov Me Talcum Powder tin.

Item - 27 Coca-Cola

Detroit World Cup Coca-Cola bottle and Mother's Pizza Parlor & Spaghetti House Coca-Cola glass.

Item - 28 Spice Carousel

Spice carousel made in Japan.

Item - 29 Picture Frames

Selection of six different sized picture frames.

Item - 30 33rpm records

Milk crate full of 33rpm records with some artists like The Brothers Four, the Searchers, Aztec and the Beach Boys.

Item - 31 Limoge Dish

Florale design vintage lidded limoge vegetable dish.

Item - 32 Cold Cream Jar

Vintage 1930's Jonteel Cold and Cleansing Cream white glass jar.

Item - 33 Silhouette Art

Framed silhouette dancing couple.

Item - 34 Quilt

74x80 inch red and white quilt. Found a small stain as pictured.

Item - 35 Wooden Framed Mirror

Wooden framed large mirror measuring 24x40 inches tall. Some damage on the lower right as pictured.

Item - 36 Powder Tin

Vintage Garden Bouquet Talcum Powder tin.

Item - 37 Baby Plate & Bowl

1940's Baby bowl with spout to fill with hot water to war the food and a divided baby plate.

Item - 38 Blue & White Tea Set

Blue & White tea set consisting of a small tea pot, Sugar & Creamer. Both sugar & Creamer has a chip in the rim.

Item - 39 Picture Frames

Selection of Four different sized picture frames.

Item - 40 33rpm records

Maison Baarboulot box full of 33rpm records with some artists like Andy Gibb, Blood Sweat & Tears, Joe Cocker and Led Zeppelin.

Item - 41 Peony by OHATA

Two Peony OHATA cups and sugar cup with lid. Crafted in Japan, Discontinued China.

Item - 42 Pottery Cups

Two hand made pottery cups.

Item - 43 Silhouette Art

Framed silhouette boy and girl art..

Item - 44 Mini Teapots

Blue & White Japan mini tea pot and a mini floral design trimmed in gold teapot.

Item - 45 Mini Teapots

Three mini teapots, one with a matching cup and saucer.

Item - 46 Nesting Duck

Large Hall Carbone white duck on nest casserole dish.

Item - 47 Mini Tea Set

Delft blue and white mini tea set made in Holland.

Item - 48 Area Rug

Large used 100% Olefin area rug measuring 46x64 inches.

Item - 49 Hanging Light

Electric hanging ceiling light with glass prisms, untested measuring 14 inches in diameter and 41 inches long with chain.

Item - 50 33rpm records

New Zealand box full of 33rpm records with some artists like Herbert Law, Eydie, Jeff Lorber and Ahmad Jamal.

Item - 51 2 Gallon Crock

Vintage 2 gallon bee hive stone crock with cork in good condition.

Item - 52 Wash Basin & Pitcher

Large England Ironstone 14.5 diameter wash basin and 13 inch tall pitcher , matching set in great condition.

Item - 53 Silhouette Art

Framed silhouette lady and gentleman out by the garden.

Item - 54 Table Linens

Table cloth measuring approx. 58x82 inches with 12 matching linen napkins. Did find a small burn hole in the table cloth as pictured.

Item - 55 Area Rug

Large used area rug measuring 55x84 inches with tassels.

Item - 56 Milk Glass Lamp

Electric lamp with a milk glass base, Clear glass body with brass details and a milk glass globe. Untested.

Item - 57 Table Cloths

Widsor Wine tablecloth measuring 70x104 inches and a White tablecloth measuring approx. 100x120 inches.

Item - 58 KLH Speakers

Pair of KLH Model Twenty speakers. Untested.

Item - 59 Wooden Crates

Wooden crate, in and tray. The crate measures 14x18.5x12.5 inches tall.

Item - 60 33rpm records

Cabernet box full of 33rpm records with some artists like Kenny Rodgers, John Denver, Roger Miller and Dolly Parton and more.

Item - 61 Wool Rugs

Three vintage wool rugs with loose backings. Largest measures 34.5x60 inches.

Item - 62 Brass Lamp

Brass electric lamp with hurricane.

Item - 63 Silhouette Art

Two framed silhouettes of a girl and a girl with mom.

Item - 64 Bulk Jewelry

Approximately 2 pounds of costume Jewelry.

Item - 65 Wingback Chair

Marlow floral design wing back chair. Cushion has a small tear in the under side seam.

Item - 66 Full Size Bed

Wooden four post full size head board and foot board with side rails. Painted black with gold tone scroll design and accents.

Item - 67 1956 Napco Figurine

Fun NAPCO porcelain figurine.

Item - 68 Trinket Boxes

Four small dishes, metal trinket box and a porcelain lidded trinket box.

Item - 69 Whistle Stix

Approx. 14 stir Stix with whistles to let your host know when you need another drink.

Item - 70 33rpm records

Pink box full of 33rpm records with some artists like Johnny Mathis, Coleman Hawkins, Roy Eldridge and Klymaxx

Item - 71 Amber Satin Dish

Vintage amber satin glass condiment dish.

Item - 72 Electric Lamp

Glass base and body electric lamp with a few glass prisms and a frosted etched globe.

Item - 73 Silhouette Art

Framed silhouette lady and gentleman out in the field.

Item - 74 Bulk Jewelry

Approximately 2 pounds of costume Jewelry.

Item - 75 Arm Chair

Sturdy wooden frame white cloth parlor chair in good condition.

Item - 76 Full Size Bed

Wooden four post full size head board and foot board with side rails. Stained in a chestnut color.

Item - 77 1970 Fenton

Fenton Uranium custard rose bowl orange tree.

Item - 78 1930s Schiaparelli Perfume.

Rare 1930s body shaped bottle with some contents of Schiaparelli perfume. Glass dome is broken at the top of the dome.

Item - 79 Miniatures

Thistle design bud vase and a mini pitcher.

Item - 80 33rpm records

Bordeaux box full of 33rpm records with some artists like Bette Midler, Georgio, B.B. Jay and Trisha Covington.

Item - 81 Fenton Vase

Fenton Lily of the Valley handkerchief opalescent vase.

Item - 82 Music Box

Schmid Bros Vintage ceramic Irish girl rotating music box figurine with a chip as pictured. Also a small Royal Tara fine bone China bell.

Item - 83 Silhouette Art

Two framed silhouettes of family and children.

Item - 84 Bulk Jewelry

Approximately 2 pounds of costume Jewelry.

Item - 85 Wine Glasses

Two Imperial grape unmarked antique marigold carnival wine glasses.

Item - 86 Fenton Bowl

Milk glass Fenton hobnail ruffle bowl.

Item - 87 Display Plates

Three decorative display plates.

Item - 88 Fishing Reels

Vintage Zebco Omega One fishing reel and a Daiwa No. 9500 fishing reel.

Item - 89 Winchester

Winchester Reproduction Repeating Arms belt buckle.

Item - 90 33rpm records

Dark Horse box full of 33rpm records with some artists like Neil Sedaka, Barry Manilow, Bad Company and Elvis.

Item - 91 Figurines

Three figurines made in Occupied Japan.

Item - 92 Crosses

Two brass crosses made in Germany.

Item - 93 Silhouette Art

Three small framed silhouettes of two boys and a girl.

Item - 94 Door Stop

Cast iron door stop, white basket with flowers.

Item - 95 Oil Lamp

Finger clear glass Eldorado oil lamp.

Item - 96 Fruit Bowl & Plate

Clear glass pedestal fruit bowl and glass plate.

Item - 97 Red & White Ware

Lucerne Red & White pitcher and small soup tureen missing the lid.

Item - 98 Fishing Reels

Vintage Shakespeare fishing reel No. 1738 and a Johnson Guide Model 160 with a broken foot.

Item - 99 Oil Lamp

Hand painted milk glass base oil lamp.

Item - 100 Oil Lamp

Milk glass base oil lamp.