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Online Auction by Gary Grizzle, Auctioneer
Starts :  Jan 24, 2023 08:00 AM CST
Ends: Feb 02, 2023 08:00 PM CST

152 Items
Item # Description
Item - 1 Mirror

Wooden framed mirror measuring 22.5x26.5 inches tall.

Item - 2 CD/DVD Shelving

Shelving unit for books, CD's or DVD's Measuring 10.75x6.75x45 inches tall.

Item - 3 Vibrating Sleeper

Graco soothing vibration bouncer. Used and untested.

Item - 4 Silverplated

Made in West Germany a Silverplated Chamberstick candle holder.

Item - 5 1982 Print

Wooden framed 1982 print by C Wray. Measures 17.5x21.5 inches tall.

Item - 6 Decorative Tea Pots

Two small tea pots one with a holiday theme.

Item - 7 Square Top Pedestals

Two square top 7.75 inch plaster pedestals each standing 9 inches tall.

Item - 8 Ash Bucket

Copper Ash bucket with ceramic delft blue handles and lion head décor. Bucket has dents and is approx. 15x10.5 inches tall.

Item - 9 Washboard

Antique EASY washboard manufactured in Columbus Ohio by the Columbus Washboard Company, Patented in 1907. Measures 12.5x23.5 inches tall.

Item - 10 Rocking Chair

Vintage wooden rocking chair. In good condition.

Item - 11 Misc. Kitchenware

Two tier snack plate, cup and saucer and a clear glass serving bowl 8.5 inches in diameter.

Item - 12 Magnolia

Ceramic hand painted blossoming magnolia flower on a branch.

Item - 13 Humming Bird Lamp

Small Tiffany style Hummingbird lamp, Untested.

Item - 14 Tea Pot & Saucers

Teapot and 5 saucers with an enamel painted floral design and gold accents.

Item - 15 Beach Scene

Wooden framed print of a child and mother on the beach measuring 22x18.5 inches tall.

Item - 16 1950's Royal Grace

Three piece set of fine China called Royal Grace from the 1950's.

Item - 17 Single Lamp

One vintage lamp with shade.

Item - 18 Misc. Items

Hand made corn silk doll, a larger doll dressed in flowers and lace and a small striped flower pot.

Item - 19 Pottery Vase

Studio Nova from Portugal pottery vase.

Item - 20 Ethan Allen Couch

Vintage floral design Ethan Allen Couch, room for three measuring 82 inches across.

Item - 21 Oil Lamp

Small floral design oil lamp and three saucers.

Item - 22 Candle Stand

Wooden 10 inch pillar candle stand.

Item - 23 Floral décor

Plate made in 2003 and two small framed floral prints.

Item - 24 Holiday Candle

Hurricane classic Holiday wax candle. New in box.

Item - 25 Framed Print

Vintage Gloria Vanderbilt wooden framed print measuring 21.5x17.5 inches tall.

Item - 26 Porcelain Pozzani Tea Set

Thirteen piece tea set with a floral design.

Item - 27 Vintage Crockpot

Model 3100/2 Rival Crockpot, untested.

Item - 28 Table Runner

Fall themed table runner approx. 14.5x71 inches long.

Item - 29 Water pitcher

Small McCoy two tone stoneware water pitcher.

Item - 30 Rocking Chair

Antique rocking chair with a padded seat and cane back. Some damage to the cane in the lower back region.

Item - 31 L.E. Smith Glass

Heritage quintec blue compote.

Item - 32 Candle Stand

Wooden 18 inch candle stand.

Item - 33 Brass Items

Two brass candle stick holders and a brass bell.

Item - 34 1950's Ship Lantern

Anchor ship lantern, once an oil lamp but has been electrified. 23 inches tall, untested.

Item - 35 Framed Print

I would call this Love On The Rocks, Framed print measuring 22x18.5 inches tall.

Item - 36 Snack Plates

Two sets of 3 (total of six plates) clear glass snack plates, both sets have a pattern of grapes.

Item - 37 From Miss Martha's Collection

Martha Holcombe 1992 Eddie figurine from Miss Martha's Collection.

Item - 38 Metal Decorative Vase

Large metal decorative vase standing 16.5 inches tall.

Item - 39 Candle Stands

Two different sized matching pillar candle stands.

Item - 40 Lane Furniture Recliner

Vintage light blue wingback recliner from Lane Furniture Co. Shows some staining in the seat.

Item - 41 Lemonade Set

Vintage pitcher and six thin walled glass lemonade set. At least two glasses have flea bites in the rim.

Item - 42 Sizzix Die Cutter

Like new in box Sizzix for scrapbooking and more.

Item - 43 Thanksgiving Décor

Pumpkins and turkey stuffed plush decoration.

Item - 44 Thanksgiving Décor

Small ceramic platter with a hair line crack and a plastic Turkey centerpiece with a chip on the bottom front edge.

Item - 45 Framed Print "Grace"

Vintage print called "Grace" in a wooden frame measuring 22.5x18.5 inches tall.

Item - 46 Bone Dishes

Four floral design bone dishes with gold trim from Austria

Item - 47 From Miss Martha's Collection

Martha Holcombe #1347 All Gods Children, 1989 Prissy Moon Pie from Miss Martha's Collection.

Item - 48 25th Anniversary Frames

Two porcelain 25th Anniversary picture frames.

Item - 49 Tuffcare Electric Scooter

Tuffcare electric scooter missing the key and charger. Comes with two batteries that have been in storage, unknown if they will hold power. Tires were inflated and holds air.

Item - 50 Book Shelves

Blond color pressed wood book shelf measuring 24x10x44 inches tall.

Item - 51 1950's Decanter

Cut glass liquor decanter.

Item - 52 Victorian Shoe

Porcelain glazed Victorian shoe with sculpted flowers and gold trim. Couple of the flower petal's are chipped.

Item - 53 Misc. Items

Faux flower arrangement in a green planter, metal votive candle holder with glass flower cups one of which has cracked and is chipped and two leaf place mats.

Item - 54 Reproduction Coca-Cola Tray

Vintage Coca-Cola reproduction of the 1909 Gibson girl, Design by Hamilton Kink. Reproduced by Coca-Cola for a limited run in the 1980's. Measures 11x15 inches.

Item - 55 Framed Wall Plaque

Wooden framed religious wall plaque, 14 inches tall.

Item - 56 Misc. China

Vintage grape & leaf design plate and a fine China trinket dish.

Item - 57 From Miss Martha's Collection

Martha Holcombe All Gods Children, 1995 Ivy rag doll from Miss Martha's Collection.

Item - 58 Misc. Brass

Brass urn, chamberstick candle holder and two candle stick holders.

Item - 59 Tin Water Cans

Two decorative fall themed water cans.

Item - 60 Lane Side Table

Virginia Made by Lane side table with some varnish missing from the table top. Measures 22x27x22.5 inches tall. Matches Item 90.

Item - 61 Box Lot of Misc. China

Box of miscellaneous plates, tea pots creamers and more.

Item - 62 Annapolis Desk Lamp

Untested Annapolis desk lamp in a satin steel finish, stands 22 inches tall.

Item - 63 Religious wall hangers

Lage fork and spoon wall décor with a printed prayer. Each is 16 inches long.

Item - 64 Reproduction Coca-Cola Tray

Vintage Coca-Cola reproduction of the 1909 Gibson girl, Design by Hamilton Kink. Reproduced by Coca-Cola for a limited run in the 1980's. Measures 11x15 inches.

Item - 65 1990's Prints

Two vintage framed line artwork prints. *.5 inches squared.

Item - 66 Misc. Glassware

Small clear glass candy dish with lid, No. 9 Ball Mason Jar, shot glass and a one quart Jewell milk bottle.

Item - 67 From Miss Martha's Collection

Martha Holcombe All Gods Children, 1995 Issie rag doll from Miss Martha's Collection.

Item - 68 Misc. Utensils

Steak knife set of Crown Crest Stainless Steel from Sheffield England and a few misc. kitchen utensils.

Item - 69 Books of Spiritual Guidance

Two pocket bibles of the New Testament and two books of Inspiration.

Item - 70 Wooden Book Case

Nice cherry colored three shelf bookcase measuring 31.5x12x35.5 inches tall.

Item - 71 Fenton Bowls

Two small Fenton milk glass hobnail bowls.

Item - 72 Pampered Chef

New Old Stock, one Pampered Chef quick stir pitcher.

Item - 73 Pee-Wee and Chairee

From Pee-Wee's Playhouse, a Pee-Wee doll the string still works but unable to understand what Pee-Wee says and a puppet Chairee who's eyes no longer work. Pee-Wee is 18 inches tall.

Item - 74 Hanging Lamp

Oil lamp style hanging electric lamp in working condition. Approx 19 inches long with abo 8 foot of chain and cord.

Item - 75 Framed Print

The Chopping Block Framed print by Gene Speck measuring 20.5x17.5 inches tall.

Item - 76 1940's Fenton & Misc. Glass

Fenton 1940's blue glass ruffled hobnail candy dish, milk glass Westmoreland creamer and a set of vintage salt & pepper shakers.

Item - 77 From Miss Martha's Collection

Martha Holcombe All Gods Children, 1997 Shalisa Special Event from Miss Martha's Collection.

Item - 78 4-Person Dome Tent

Dome Tent that sleeps 4 people, unknown if everything is present or the condition of item.

Item - 79 Massage Table

Folding Fitmaster Massage Table with adjustable legs for height. Table is 86 inches long when set up and approx. 43x28x16 inches when folded up. Head rest can be place on either end of table. One ring is missing where the head rest is place but does not interfere with the insertion of head rest.

Item - 80 Corner TV Cabinet

Wooden TV/Entertainment center corner cabinet Measuring 29x23x49 inches tall.

Item - 81 Blue Glass Vase

Pressed glass hobnail 6.5 inch tall vase.

Item - 82 Pumpkin Lamp

Small Halloween pumpkin ceramic lamp with a repaired lid. Approx. 8 inches tall

Item - 83 Floral Décor

Three Holiday faux floral decorations to spruce up a table setting.

Item - 85 Americana Cup Plates

Four Imperial Americana Cup Plates, each a different color and design. The yellow and orange have one chip in each. Each plate is approx. 4 inches in diameter.

Item - 86 Glass Serving Bowls

Clear glass Iris Herringbone Marigold depression glass 11.5 inch ruffled edge bowl and a Arcoroc Fleur clear glass salad/serving bowl.

Item - 87 Fall Basket

Ceramic basket with a faux floral arrangement approx. 10 inches tall.

Item - 88 Wooden Monkey Pod Dish

Made in Hawaii a leaf shaped Monkey Pod wooden dish. 11 inches long.

Item - 89 Crystal and Silver

Set of four Leonard Crystal and Silver coaster/ashtray set from Italy.

Item - 90 Lane Side Table

Virginia Made by Lane side table. Measures 22x27x22.5 inches tall. Matches Item 60.

Item - 91 Bouquet Holder

Light blue cane pattern glass boot Bouquet holder.

Item - 93 Fall Figurines

Three fall acorn clan figures and two decorative doll figures.

Item - 94 Thanksgiving Décor

Two Pilgrim figurines and a small pumpkin candle.

Item - 95 Faux Ficus Tree

Approx. 52 inch tall faux Ficus tree.

Item - 96 Glass Serving Bowls

One Mayfair pink open rose depression glass vegetable bowl by Anchor Hocking and a clear glass Iris Herringbone Marigold depression glass 11.5 inch ruffled edge bowl.

Item - 97 Lamps & Shades

Pair of brass tone table lamps with shades.

Item - 98 VHS Movies

More than eighteen VHS Movies. More are being added as we find them.

Item - 99 Wall Mount Weather Station

Thermometer, Barometer and a Humidity Meter on a wooden plaque to mount on the wall. 7x21 inches tall.

Item - 100 Bassett Chair

Bassett furniture tufted wooden framed arm chair. Damage to the right arm post as pictured.

Item - 101 Etched glass vase

Floral design etched brandy glass style vase.

Item - 102 Folding Chair

Outdoor green folding chair with two cup holders.

Item - 103 Arrow Staple Gun

Like new in box Arrow staple gun. Found a box of staples that will go with this.

Item - 104 Polyblend Tile Grout

Three boxes of powdered Tile Grout and one 9x4 inch grout float.

Item - 105 Green Decorative Pedestal

Green 19 inch tall plaster pedestal/plant stand.

Item - 106 Three glass serving bowls

Vintage pressed glass depression serving bowl, a glass scalloped edge serving bowl and a divided glass relish dish.

Item - 107 Hammered Brass Vase

Tall hammered brass vase made in Italy by Sterner Imports, 22.5 inches tall.

Item - 108 Misc. Tools

Small red tool /tackle box and a hacksaw handle.

Item - 109 Metal Day Bed Frame

Frame for a Day Bed, unknown if all parts are present.

Item - 110 Hall/Sofa Table

Three drawer distressed hall/sofa table measuring 16x47x30 inches tall. Contents in and on table are not included.

Item - 111 Wooden Flowerpot and Stakes

Wooden 10 inch tall flower pot and four bamboo floral stakes.

Item - 112 Table Décor

Small metal moon and stars bowl and a decorative wooden lighthouse.

Item - 113 Igloo Legend

Red Igloo 24 can cooler in good condition.

Item - 114 Small Pottery Wheel

Small metal pottery wheel, good for small pottery projects.

Item - 115 Rain Coat

Mid West X-Large yellow raincoat with a hood, Like New.

Item - 116 Fostoria Pedestal Cake Stand

Vintage Monroe Milk Glass by Fostoria, pedestal cake stand. 11 inches in diameter.

Item - 117 Lawn Chairs

Three aluminum framed lawn chairs.

Item - 118 Plastic Folding Table

Folding plastic table with metal frame and legs. Approx. 6 foot table.

Item - 119 Misc. Tools

Black & Decker 1-Hour Battery Charger for 8.4V, 9.6V, 12.0V, 13.2V and 14.4V Black&Decker batteries and a Lithium battery operated screw driver.

Item - 120 Wooden Dresser

Three drawer wooden dresser measuring 32.5x14.5x29.5 inches tall.

Item - 121 ECHOS 130 Snow Board

Echos 130 Snow Board rated for 120 lbs. with adjustable bindings, 50 inches long.

Item - 122 Classic Racer

Flexible Flyer Classic Racer metal rail sled. 62 inches long.

Item - 123 Misc. Tools

Wooden rolling pin to make designs, wood carving knives, pottery tools, fabric cutter, misc. bits, embroidery needles and a package of paint sponges.

Item - 124 Misc. Tools

Pliers, Screw Drivers and cutters.

Item - 125 Misc. Hardware

Picture Hanging kit, self drilling screws, machine screws and more.

Item - 126 Milk Glass Hobnail Compote

Believed to be Unmarked Fenton, Milk Glass hobnail ruffled compote.

Item - 127 Pencils and Chalk

Package of 12 water color pencils and 12 basic color soft pastels. Like New.

Item - 128 Surf & Sun Rolling Luggage

A Surf & Sun rolling suit case.

Item - 129 Granite Slab

12x12 inch granite slab in good condition.

Item - 130 Two Piece China Cabinet

Seen in the previous auction is this cherry color Tomlinson Furniture two piece China cabinet with six drawers and 4 cabinet doors for plenty of storage. This items reserve has been lowered for this auction. Top piece measures 39x12x56 inches tall and lower piece is 40x17x33.5 inches tall.

Item - 131 Stanley Tool Box

Stanley mobile work center, plastic is warped in several places and hard to get closed. Stands 24.5 inches tall.

Item - 132 Misc. Electrical items

Oster foot spa and a Sunbeam Steam Master iron. Both are untested.

Item - 133 Craft Glass Ornaments

Combination of frosted and clear glass craft ornaments.

Item - 134 Holiday Cookie Plate

Clear glass Snowman cookie plate approx. 13 inches in diameter.

Item - 135 Craft Items

Five suncatcher paintable items, six wood and rubber stamps and a round wooden ornament.

Item - 136 Butter Dish

Large butter dish, big enough for two sticks of butter or the vintage block butter. Made in England marked Morton Old Hall. 6.5x7x5 inches tall.

Item - 137 Misc. Items

Kryptonite lock and cable and a Ohio State Buckeyes switch plate.

Item - 138 Ships Wheel

Wooden and Brass ships wheel in very good condition measuring 3 feet wide.

Item - 139 Wall Mirror

Framed wall mirror measuring 20x40inches tall.

Item - 140 Side Table/Night Stand

Small single drawer side table measuring 22x15x26 inches tall.

Item - 141 Pottery Vase

Lite green glazed pottery vase with embossed tulips.

Item - 142 Ceramic Vase & Lamp

Ceramic crazed look vase and a lamp with a marble base and milk glass center.

Item - 143 Craft Glass Ornaments

Combination of frosted and clear glass craft ornaments.

Item - 146 Crystal Rock Glasses

Set of four crystal rock glasses for you favorite adult beverage.

Item - 150 Cable-Nelson Piano

Cable-Nelson Piano and bench. Bench is full of Music books for the Piano.

Item - 153 Craft Glass Ornaments

Combination of frosted and clear glass craft ornaments.

Item - 156 Crystal Wine Glasses

Set of eight clear crystal Wine glasses.

Item - 160 Book Case

Adjustable shelf wooden book case. 29.5x11.5x31.5 inches tall.

Item - 163 Craft Glass Ornaments

Five boxes of clear glass craft ornaments.

Item - 166 Crystal Wine Glasses

Set of four clear crystal floral etched Wine glasses. Two of the glasses have flea bites.

Item - 170 Sofa/Wall table

Wooden three drawer wall table with Queen Ann Legs. 32.5x14x30 inches tall.

Item - 176 Carnival Glass Cups

Two floral design Carnival Glass cups.

Item - 180 Sofa/Wall table

Wooden single drawer wall table measuring 38x14 inch's wide.

Item - 190 Wing Back Chair

Light blue Fairfield Chair Co. wing back chair in used condition.