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Starts :  Aug 01, 2022 10:00 AM CST
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254 Items
Item # Description
Item - 1

11"T Rare antique Pyrofite glass Fire Extinguisher.   Label is faded but still very readable.  Glass in good condition for age, still has the cork.  Great collectible. 

Item - 2

Brown glazed stoneware crock  9.5"R x 9"T.  Some chips on bottom but consistent for age.

Item - 3

PYREX bowls and lidded sugar bowl.  No chips or cracks. Bowls 5.5"R x 3.5"T

Item - 4

Antique GERMAN K95 rifle bayonet knife.  Marked C 8963

Item - 5

Vintage HAZEL ATLAS storage jars 7"T x 5"W and other is 7"W x 9.5"T, missing lid but love the corner designs. 

Item - 6

BLACK & DECKER dual height workmate table.  Legs fold in for easy storage.

Item - 7

Vintage projector table.  Made by DA-LITE.  Legs are aluminum and screw off for easy storage by clipping on bottom.

Item - 8

FLAG 7' wide x 10.'5" long....HUGH, diffidently a barn hanger.  Cloth in good condition, 50 stars.

Item - 9

STETSON hat 1983 with original box.

Item - 10

Gorgeous ART DECO style glass lamp topper and some glass prisms.

Item - 11

CHARGE air compressor.  5HP, 20 gal air, 110V.  WORKS

Item - 12

NEW 3 ton pair of Jack Stands still in box.

Item - 13

Haul Master, new in box triple ball hitch.

Item - 14

7 1/4 Circular Saw and a Palm Sander.  Both Works.

Item - 15

RYOBI impact drill.  18V with battery charger and battery.  WORKS

Item - 16

5356 on this 10" blade, 15 1/4" overall GERMAN K94 bayonet knife.

Item - 17

CRAFTSMAN bench grinder 1/2 HP.  WORKS.

Item - 18

Hardware, knobs...glass, brass and more.

Item - 19

Vintage hardware, handles and more.

Item - 20

Redoing a screen door, vintage aluminum screening still in box 30" x 100'.  Heavy duty, not your now- a-days mesh screening.

Item - 21

Come-along.  New.

Item - 22

Black & Decker Saw and a Heavy Duty Sander.  Saw missing a guard.  Both WORKS.

Item - 23

Heavy Duty furniture Dolley/mover with straps.

Item - 24

Transmission Jack, rolls good.

Item - 25

A nice set of CRAFTSMAN wrenches.

Item - 26

NEW in box Pittsburgh carbon steel Tap & Die set and more.

Item - 27

NESCO wrench set.

Item - 28

NEW 3/8" x 50 ft air hose,  goes nicely with Item #11.

Item - 29

3 tow straps.  1 is 20 ft and 2 yellow ones are 12 ft.

Item - 30


Item - 31

Metal Ammo box.

Item - 32

Drill master 3/8" cordless 18V impact wrench.  Could not figure out how to plug in battery charger.  Does power on.

Item - 33

Old license plates, great for a car collector for years or have seen them repurposed into craft projects.

Item - 34

Automotive with a couple of VINTAGE oil cans.

Item - 35

Draw knife and plane.

Item - 36

Various sockets and ratchets.

Item - 37

Mix lot of wrenches.

Item - 38

Misc. Battery stuff, did not have anything to test these with.  2 BOSCH tested and works.

Item - 39

Misc. box lot of wrenches...NESCO, MASTERCRAFT, DROP FORGED, PM and more.

Item - 40

Small Anvil, hand-painted saw blades and more.

Item - 41

Plastic Tool box filled with misc. tools.

Item - 42

Small Craftsman precision files and some large ones.

Item - 43

Box lot of Misc. screwdrivers.

Item - 44

RIDGID 18", TRIMO 14" pipe wrenches.

Item - 45


Item - 46

Misc. Hardware, project items...items you need when you need.

Item - 47

Crescent wrenches.

Item - 48

Socket sets...1/4" and 3/8" in metal cases.

Item - 49

Misc. sockets, mix match.

Item - 50

Misc. pliers, side cutters and scissors.

Item - 51

Misc. wood-working tools.

Item - 52

WELLER Soldering gun kit and wire.

Item - 53

Vintage tools.

Item - 54

Hammers....Can you have too many of them?

Item - 55

Scrap aluminum...not sure what these are!

Item - 56

4 ton and 6 ton BOTTLE JACKS.

Item - 57

Paint sprayer guns.

Item - 58

Automotive lot....Cloth Car cover over 20', old oil can spout, grease guns and more.

Item - 59

Aluminum levels.

Item - 60

Misc. tool items.

Item - 61

DEWALT chop saw 14". WORKS

Item - 62

Not sure what kind of cart this is, on wheels 16"W x 20"D.

Item - 63

CRAFTSMAN Shop Vac.  WORKS, with attachments.  Wet/Dry with hose hook-up.

Item - 64

DEWALT 18V with charger -WORKS

Item - 65

Air finish nailer.

Item - 66

Saws. Wood handles.

Item - 67

MID CENTURY Hand drills and bench vice.

Item - 68

Tile cutter.  Powered on.

Item - 69

8' of heavy chain.  2 cable locks.

Item - 70

Bottle jack.

Item - 71

Heavy duty 6' spud bar.....hard picture to take!

Item - 72

Plumbing faucets, SS flex water lines, shut off valves, heat tape and lots more.

Item - 73

Unopened CHAMBERLAIN garage door remote opener.

Item - 74

Gas powered STIHL TS700 Concrete Saw on wheels.  Has compression when pulled.

Item - 75

REDMAX blower, gas powered back pack.  Has compression when pulled.

Item - 76

MILWAUKEE dolley with aired tires, ready to roll.

Item - 77

All fold up for easy transport to beach.  2 chairs and 1 chaise.

Item - 78

24" RIDGID pipe wrenches.

Item - 79

KLEIN TOOLS.  Bolt cutters 24".

Item - 80

Not sure what this is.....Take a look!

Item - 81

Cuckoo clocks in need of some TLC along with some misc. parts.

Item - 82

Hedge trimmer.  HX-16 Homelite BANDIT.  Gas powered and has compression when pulled.

Item - 83

FURNITURE CLAMPS, can't have enough of these if you rehab furniture.  3 -4' and 1 -3'.

Item - 84

Electrical items.

Item - 85

ANTIQUE bed frame holders.  Great repurpose-able item.

Item - 86

Aluminum Drywall ladder 39.5" x 12"D x 21"T.  Fold up legs for easy storage and transport.

Item - 87

2 ton ALLIED hydraulic floor lift jack.

Item - 88

TROY BILT gas leaf blower, good compression when pulled.  Electric leaf blower -WORKS

Item - 89

McCullough Eager Beaver chain saw, gas powered, 14" chain.  Has compression when pulled.

Item - 90

4'T Safety cone.

Item - 91

Saw with wood handle, level and misc. tools.

Item - 92

Cement finishing tools and more.

Item - 93

Electric chain saw.  REMINGTON 1.5 HP 14" blade.  WORKS.

Item - 94

1 electric CRATSMAN weed eater and a Gas BOLINS weed eater that has compression when pulled.

Item - 95

Emery cloth rolls.

Item - 96

1960's MID CENTURY 21'T battery operated robot name GARLOO made by Marx Toy Co.    UNTESTED

Item - 97

Remote controlled car 18"L x 10"W -UNTESTED

Item - 98

TONKA Toy metal dump truck 10"T x 18"L x 9"W

Item - 99

TONKA Toy metal 8"W x 17"L x 7"T

Item - 100

4 wheeler remote controlled 15"L x 10"W -UNTESTED

Item - 101

Holiday spot lights for your outdoor seasonal decor.  Lots of heavy duty plug ins, transformer and timer along with some rope lighting -UNTESTED

Item - 102

Lots of Holiday decor, some have chips noted in pic.  Love the VINTAGE ceramic Santa.

Item - 103

I have never seen a tinsel tree like this.  It is foiled tinsel round hoops that are different sizes and hook into a wood tree stand.

Item - 104


Item - 105

8 candled VINTAGE window decor.  WORKS

Item - 106

Christmas decor.   BOYDS BEAR ornament, cookie jar and more.  Green LEFTON elves I believe had a chip on it.

Item - 107

Vintage Christmas decor.  Flocked deer, tinsel and bubble candle lights and more.

Item - 108

Bakers dozen 13 NINTENDO tapes...lots of classics in this offering.

Item - 109

TONKA metal toy truck and more.

Item - 110

STAR TREK NINTENDO and more, look at all the titles.

Item - 111

MID CENTURY Coleman metal ice/cooler chest.

Item - 112

IGLOO large 10 gallon drink dispenser.  Great for those little league game days.

Item - 113

This offering has got you covered on night fishing with the COLEMAN lantern, fold up stool and add your favorite beverage in the canteen. -UNTESTED

Item - 114

Portable COLEMAN campsite stove 18"W x 5"T x 12"D -UNTESTED

Item - 115

MITCHEL 301 reel.  What a classic....

Item - 116

GARCIA Ambassdeur 5500C reel.

Item - 117

Supreme PFLUGER reel.

Item - 118

5 lures.

Item - 119

3 reels.

Item - 120

5 more LURES.

Item - 121

Metal tackle box filled...take a look!

Item - 122

5 LURES, bottom one looks to be possibly wood.

Item - 123

COLEMAN stove...gotta have something to cook all that fish you just caught on.

Item - 124

VINTAGE Shakespear Depth Finder, camp seat, grill, lantern, sleeping bag and flashlight...ready for your weekend getaway.

Item - 125

Great in the garage or great in the crafting room.  Smaller is  Metal 13.5"W x 13.5"T x 6.5"D, larger one is hard plastic 14"W x 18.5"T x 6.5"D.

Item - 126

VINTAGE time clock...can you imagine punching one of these.

Item - 127

Old check printer machine....My oh my, how times have changed.

Item - 128

Collectors....PEPSI, 7-UP bottles and cartons in wood crate.

Item - 129

VINTAGE metal picture frames....LOVE THESE!  Love the details on the frames.

Item - 130

Thinking these are perhaps old kids toy tractor wheels.  White 12"R and 1 red 10"R.

Item - 131

Spiral outdoor tree with no pole, other complete with pole.  Lights work.

Item - 132

Mid Century GENESEE Beer sign,  works  20" x 15" but does have some damage, look at pictures.

Item - 133

Bissel & Dirt Devil powered on and worked, Shark lighted up but was unsure of where on and off was. 

Item - 134

Fabulous BLOW MOLD 31"L x 10"T x 4"W -WORKS

Item - 135

Holiday light up sign 23"L x 11.5"T x 2"D -WORKS

Item - 136

Bug Fogger made by Burgess, propane with fogger solution and propane bottle.  -UNTESTED

Item - 137

Lot's of lawn and garden items, couple of vintage hand trimmers, blade for lawn mower, sprayer, tree trimmer and all in a plastic trash can.

Item - 138

Propane heater.  MR. HEATER 4200 BTU -UNTESTED

Item - 139

Vintage hand trimmers, cutters, vintage bug sprayer and more.

Item - 140

Sears Dehumidifier, and a Small King space heater.  Both powered on.

Item - 141

Cutters and a whole lot more in this trash can.

Item - 142

2 fishing rods, Combo rod and reel is a Infinite Anti-Reverse other is a Eliminator and needs a tip.

Item - 143

Trolling motor and boat anchor.  Minn Kota 30lb thrust. -UNTESTED

Item - 144

5 rods with all tips intact.

Item - 145

Vintage JOHN DEERE thermometer, metal 12.5"L x 2.5"W.

Item - 146

3 more rods.  All tips look good.  2 rod & reel combos other looks quite old.

Item - 147

DEWALT -UNTESTED.  None of the batteries fit charger.

Item - 148

3 ZEBCO rod and reels, tips all intact.  2 #202 and 1 is #404.

Item - 149

Card table with fold up aluminum legs, felt center and hard plastic cup holders 46"R.

Item - 150

2 bicycle pumps and a large wire bicycle basket 16"W x 12"L x 8"T.

Item - 151

Group of VINTAGE mattress stretchers. Wood and dove-tailed.

Item - 152

2 microphones for KARAOKE and a speaker with micro- phone.  Lights up when turned on and a humming noise comes out...could be speaker too close to mic. Metal guitar stand.

Item - 153

Jointed 20"L vintage composition doll with sleepy eyes, open mouth and teeth.... Look at her teeth....Scary!!  In remarkable condition for age.

Item - 154

Little Golden Books...Bakers dozen 13.

Item - 155

PETE ROSE framed Wheaties 1985 Advertiser 22" x 18".

Item - 156

Collectible BASEBALL CARDS, plaque and old leather gloves.

Item - 157

Vintage toaster, potholders, rolling pin and more.

Item - 158

Vintage toys...HOT-WHEELS, TONKA, great Domino's Pizza Advertiser and more.

Item - 159

Misc. TOOLS.

Item - 160

1950's DISSTON saw, all have wood handles.

Item - 161

HOOVER scrub & vac shampoo polisher.  HOOVER Spirit 2.2 HP vac.  BISSELL Little green machine....all powered on.

Item - 162

VINTAGE oil can VALVOLINE advertiser.  Great collector here.  Wood handle.

Item - 163

Ratchet straps tie downs...never used.

Item - 164

Vintage sheet music.  Check out PINTEREST on repurposing these if you don't play.

Item - 165

2 Hand sewn QUILT tops, misc aprons, baby dress, shoes and more.

Item - 166

12 LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS.  Check out these classics.

Item - 167

24" RIDGID pipe wrench.

Item - 168

Vintage microphones on stands.  VERATRON.

Item - 169

Cuckoo clock and weights. In need of some TLC.

Item - 170

Old photos, Black & white along with a vintage 8mm movie splicer.

Item - 171

If you are a History buff....Historical records of the JFK death.

Item - 172

Slag glass lamp parts, ashtrays????

Item - 173

Brass like wall hooks, mostly of bird decor and more.

Item - 174

Cuckoo Clock, no door on back may need some TLC.

Item - 175

Antique metal cast cobblers shoe forms along with a vintage wood shoe stretcher.

Item - 176

Large offering of Cuckoo clock parts.  Great for the hobbyist or craftier.

Item - 177

Old wood framed photo missing some bric brac on frame with curved glass, 19"T x 12"W.   Military 19"L x 10.5"T

Item - 178

Wood medicine cabinet  16"W x 28"L.  Could be painted to your decor if you are not into the natural wood look.

Item - 179

Cast iron corn bread tray WAGNER 6"W x 13"T.  Looks well seasoned.

Item - 180

Vintage INDUSTRIAL mover, wood handle, heavy metal 5" wheels 6' tall.

Item - 181

Electrical offering, bulbs, motion detector -UNTESTED.

Item - 182

Stain glass window hanger...leaded and glass 13.5" x 13.5".

Item - 183

1920's  cash til receipt box.  Bakelite handle.

Item - 184

Vintage clocks, Bell one is very unusual.

Item - 185

Leather knife holders.

Item - 186

Vintage oval wood framed picture under glass 12.5"W x 14"T and a wood shelf, gold finish 24"L x 10"D.

Item - 187

Dog crate, wire 17"W x 18"T x 24"D

Item - 188

Electrical offering....Exit sign, door bell, security lights and more.

Item - 189

2 box lots of hardback cookbooks.

Item - 190

4 vinyl seated bentwood chairs.  Sturdy.

Item - 191

Couple of photo albums and a kit which I am not sure if complete.

Item - 192

VINTAGE calendars.

Item - 193

Vintage autograph book with very old contents 1901 - 1905. Old black & white photograph.

Item - 194

Vintage kids paper scrapbook. Delicate condition.

Item - 195

Vintage postcards with expandable fold out photos.

Item - 196

Vintage photo albums with old black and white photos of the past.

Item - 197

Vintage Musical programs.  Love the Holiday on Ice with the cover Hologram.

Item - 198

Seasonal lot, nice oval linen table cloth 60" x 84" and more.

Item - 199

Vintage toys, odd's and ends with 5 Beanies and lots to look at.

Item - 200

OSU memorabilia...hat, newsprint's and more.

Item - 201

1952 BIG Golden Book of Snow White, several others along with some great paper back classics.

Item - 202

JERYCO 1960's Yoyo's in original box display.  Do you know these were .39 cents ea. when they came out.

Item - 203

Metal tool box with insert filled  with tools.  20"L x 9"T x 9"D

Item - 204

Sockets, staple gun, wood working, bits and files in this offering.

Item - 205

Large green tool box, metal with tools enclosed.  The size of this, would make a great window planter.  32"L x 9"T x 9"D

Item - 206

1960's JERYCO Yoyo's in original box.

Item - 207

Rusty painted tool box with tools.  20"X 9" x 7"T

Item - 208

Mid Century cast aluminum pot and pan set, looks like never used.

Item - 209

Original box with 1960's JERYCO Yoyo's.

Item - 210

Nice sized Kerosene heater -untested and a electric heater that powered on.

Item - 211

YoYo's JERYCO 1960's, box not in good condition.

Item - 212

Books, some classics.  Paddington Series, Elves and the Shoemaker and more.

Item - 213

Yoyo's JERYCO Co from the 1960's.

Item - 214

Rain Master boots size 12, binoculars and a canteen.

Item - 215

4 wood vintage mattress stretchers, a pair of primitive hand sheep shears and all in a wood produce crate.

Item - 216

Great coffee table books, iconic Clark Gable.

Item - 217

Vintage postcards 1950's - 1980's.

Item - 218

What a great find here of times past....comics, papers, magazines and more.

Item - 219

Fan lot....all different sizes and they all powered on.  One looks brand new and has never been out of box.

Item - 220

This and that...ashtray, LONGABERGER basket and more.

Item - 221

Books...Mid Century shorthand, typing and cookbooks.

Item - 222

Large offering of parts and pieces of vintage Cuckoo clocks.

Item - 223

Vintage store counter display case.  12 drawers for storage and lots of display on top.  Glass top does have a crack in it.  22"D x 66"L x 40"T

Item - 224

Kitchen Aid cutlery set with counter holder, looks new plus other set in plastic tote.

Item - 225

Sears portable submersible pump 1/4hp.

Item - 226

Cast Iron horse head door knocker.  11"T x 8"W

Item - 227

Glass door knobs, 5 sets....love these!

Item - 228

Porcelain and more door knobs.

Item - 229

5 glass door knobs sets...

Item - 230

Misc. hardware handles, vintage porcelain faucets handles and drawer knobs.

Item - 231

Glass door knobs and misc. end parts.

Item - 232

5 packages of 12 each Vintage chair inserts.  Great for you vendors that repurpose and paint antique chairs.

Item - 233

4 chrome MID CENTURY table legs.

Item - 234

2 fishing fish nets and a extend grabber that is great for those lines you throw into the trees.

Item - 235

Clock made out of kitchen utensils, battery operated -untested.  Lots of flatware.  Great for the jewellery enthusiast or the wind chime craftier.

Item - 236

If your decor is Apples...take alook.  Have also found other items not pictured and added to offering...Apple picture 16" x 14"

Item - 237

Spin vinyl...take alook at this offering. Old album 33's.

Item - 238

HUGH offering of 45's...Nat King Cole and more. Many complete with paper covers.

Item - 239

I believe these are 78's, whole crate of them most with original jackets.

Item - 240

MID CENTURY 45 album chalk full of them.  

Item - 241

1986 - 93 HARLEY DAVIDSON XL Evolution muffler includes brackets.

Item - 242

Who loved playing with PAPER DOLLS....these Mid Century ones are still in very good condition for age.  Does anybody remember Peggy, Karen or Carol??

Item - 243

5 packages of 12 each Vintage chair inserts.  Great for you vendors that repurpose and paint antique chairs.

Item - 244

Misc. this and that....Glass serving items and more.

Item - 245

Firearms leather holster HUNTER 33 31 P2 with swivel gun holster.

Item - 246

2 hunting outfits.  Remington coat and coveralls by Rrothco.  Camo style both X-Large.

Item - 247

5 pk with 12 ea. wood vintage chair inserts. Great for the furniture rehab projects.

Item - 248

Grouping of wall hangers.  Lg 19" x 23", med 2 @ 11" x 9" with gold sirocco frames, 2 small 7.5" x 7.5" gold sirocco, Clock 10" x 7 and black press-wood 24" x 7".

Item - 249

Misc. tools, organizer, pair of jack stands, billy-club and more.

Item - 250

1960 Vintage hand held SINGER sewing machine, straight stitch.

Item - 251

Water Chiller cooling unit.  -Untested

Item - 252

Dozen LITTLE GOLDEN books.  Frosty...what a classic!

Item - 253

Thanks again for bidding on this offering.

Item - 254

Thanks for bidding on this offering. I think we still have another Auction coming up from this location soon.